CJ Berzin
Hi, I'm CJ. After years of travel and landscape photography all over the world, I was lucky enough to land a gig as a third photographer for a major music festival. From the first act I was hooked. The talent, loud music, and massive crowd produced a thrilling energy while the constantly changing compositions and lighting posed a unique photographic challenge. Add on the pressure of quickly selecting, editing, and producing final images in real time, and I knew this was going to be more than a hobby. 
Fast forward 10 years and I've been able to work as a lead photographer and travel around the country to shoot the biggest shows. I've covered some of the largest multi-day music festivals in the United States, producing coverage from the acts and crowd to the venue and sponsors. Coming from a business background, I am able to bring the agility, professionalism and drive that I exhibit in the finance world to bear on my photo engagements. I easily interface with artists, managers, producers, business development, marketing, and staff to get the shots you need. 
I deliver superior images and a uniquely professional and collaborative working relationship. 
TLDR: I have years of experience shooting the biggest names at the biggest events. I closely partner to get you the high quality images you need, all while having some fun at the same time.

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For those who prefer travel and landscape photography, check out www.berzin.myportfolio.com​​​​​​​